Multi-p2p conferences

Start or Join a Multi Peer-to-Peer Audio/Video Conference with WebRTC

It’s possible to start a new conference or join an existing one from any browser (on PC, Smartphone, Tablet…). No configuration is required. The only requirement is that the peers support the WebRTC protocol. Almost all browsers support WebRTC nowadays. To also make your RaspberryPi 2 (or greater) WebRTC-capable without the need of any browser, it’s enough to install the UV4L Streaming Server and the WebRTC extension on it according to these instructions.

Once installed, to start a new conference simply connect to your RaspberryPi 2 at the (default) URL below. You can use your preferred browser from your PC or from the Raspberry Pi itself (iceweasel, in the latter case):


(where raspberrypi has to be replaced with the real address of your RaspberryPi). If you are using iceaweasel on your Raspberry Pi and get sort of connection errors when audio is enabled (it is by default), consider installing pulseaudio, then reboot and retry.

A page similar to this should appear. Now read the few notes at the beginning of the page and click Start New Conference when ready, then share the current link with the other participants and wait for them to join the conference.

NOTE: if the other participants are on a different network, you may want to copy and make the above example web page available on your web server somewhere on Internet or just try it at that URL.

If you want to join an existing conference instead, simply ask the other participants for the URL where they can be reached at, open that URL in your preferred browser and press the Join button.

Note: the Signaling Server Address field present in the page should be automatically set to the address of the Raspberry Pi host in your network. Fix it if you have problems or think that is not correct.

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