uvc – Userspace Video4Linux driver module for devices based on the USB VIdeo Class specifications


uv4l [ uv4l-options ] –driver uvc –device-path XXX:YYY [ uvc-options ]
uv4l [ uv4l-options ] –driver uvc –device-id vid:pid [ uvc-options ]


–device-path path
path to the USB device to detect in the form bus:address (as hexadecimal numbers)

–device-id id
alternative to –device-path, vendor and product identifiers of the USB device to detect. Run ‘lsusb’ to get the ids of the devices connected to your system.

–configuration number
detect the video functionality in the specified configuration (bConfigurationValue). The default is the current active configuration.

–video-interface-collection number
the specified Video Interface Collection number (starting from 1) in the specified configuration

–video-sequence number
Video sequence/chain to use in the Video Interface Collection (starting from 1)

attempt to reset the device

–usb-debug [number]
debug level for libusb, from 0 to 3

–driver-config-file path
path to the configuration file containing driver options. Options specified via command line have higher priority




No known bugs.


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