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UV4L, User space Video4Linux collection

UV4L is a modular collection of Video4Linux2-compliant, cross-platform, user space drivers for real or virtual video input and output devices (with absolutely no external difference from kernel drivers), and other pluggable back-ends or front-ends.
It has evolved during the time and now includes a full-featured Streaming Server component providing a set of modern and unique solutions for live audio & video streaming, casting/mirroring and conferencing over the web. Below is a list of the modules:
Additional informations:

Some projects in C++:

A wide collection of personal solutions to the exercises proposed by Bjarne Stroustrup in his well-known book The C++ Programming Language. Click here to browse the source code or here to download the archive.

Open source drivers, also present in the official Linux kernel:

See on-line documentations for a list of features and supported hardware.


Device Debugger (screenshot)

Trademarks are property of their respective owner. The software present on this site has not been funded, sponsored or developed by Winbond, SONiX, Microdia, Etoms, Z-Star, Vimicro, Syntek, Ali, RaspberryPi Foundation.
Posted by webmaster on 2016/5/12 0:52:48 (187 reads)

The last release of UV4L for Raspberry Pi adds support for full-duplex WebRTC Data Channels. Thus, data can now be bundled with the audio and video streams. This opens the door to many new applications including those under the Internet of Things concept, e.g. controlling servo motors of a robot from a Web application and getting sensor data from them at the same time.

For more details read this.

Posted by webmaster on 2016/5/6 14:04:32 (107 reads)

WebRTC data channels will soon be supported by UV4L. Thus it will be possible to create efficient, encrypted and reliable full-duplex data communication channels between an uv4l-based peer and another WebRTC peer (e.g. browser) in the same connection as audio & video. This will be extremely useful, e.g. for controlling robots and/or receiving data from sensors mounted on them with a web application.

Posted by webmaster on 2016/5/1 23:21:28 (144 reads)

The new Raspberry Pi Camera Board v2.x is now supported by the latest release of UV4L. The uv4l-server module now provides a new option to bind the server to a given host, e.g. localhost, which is useful if you are using the server as back-end (e.g. on robots) from third-party applications.

Posted by webmaster on 2016/4/9 18:49:21 (239 reads)

A new release of UV4L for with a lot of small improvements has been released for Raspberry Pi.

Please read the installation instructions to know how to upgrade.

Posted by webmaster on 2016/3/4 22:49:00 (423 reads)

The Janus WebRTC Gateway is a general purpose gateway implementing the means to set up WebRTC media communication between peers. With UV4L it's possible to make a Raspberry Pi optionally equipped with camera, microphone, speakers and display a full WebRTC-compliant peer able to connect to a given Janus Gateway and create or join a given video room "on the cloud" for publishing or receiving audio/video live streams to or from any participants. There is no need of any browser installed on the Raspberry Pi!

Check out how to do this in one click by following this short example!

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