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Welcome! Here are some of my projects:
UV4L, an User space Video4Linux framework:

UV4L is a simple framework aiming to provide Video4Linux2-compliant transparent, user space drivers (as plugins) for real or virtual video input devices:
Read the documentation for more informations; quickly INSTALL on Ubuntu, on Raspbian or download the packages for Ubuntu separately or a generic archive.

Some projects in C++:

A wide collection of personal solutions to the exercises proposed by Bjarne Stroustrup in his well-known book The C++ Programming Language. Click here to browse the source code or here to download the archive.

Open source drivers, also present in the official Linux kernel:

See on-line documentations for a list of features and supported hardware.


Device Debugger (screenshot)

Trademarks are property of their respective owner. The software present on this site has not been funded, sponsored or developed by Winbond, SONiX, Microdia, Etoms, Z-Star, Vimicro, Syntek, Ali, RaspberryPi Foundation.
Posted by luca on 2014/4/13 21:43:05 (27 reads)

A new release of the Raspberry Camera driver is out.

New features:

- Support for 60/90 fps
- Inline headers
- Improved support for Quantisation Parameter

It requires a firmware update.

Posted by luca on 2014/2/2 20:42:18 (320 reads)

A new release of UV4L for ARM (Raspberry) is out.

New features:

- Intra-frame refresh period for H264 compressed video
- Variable H264 BitRate via Quantisation Parameter
- Auto White Balance dynamic control
- Real Time by default

Posted by luca on 2013/11/17 6:15:59 (441 reads)

It looks like the CSI Camera driver for the Raspberry PI has been downloaded thousands of times now.

If you are satisfied with it, consider making a donation to support the development! You will receive a special release with some more features in for your contribution; for now:

- Intra-frame refresh period for H264 compressed video
- Variable H264 BitRate via Quantisation Parameter

Text Overlay by GPU is work in progress...

Posted by luca on 2013/11/9 19:33:19 (594 reads)

A new version of the Video4Linux2 driver for the Raspberry Pi Camera Board is out with new features!

Remember to update your Rpi with 'rpi-update' if you get errors from the driver.

- Optional Full Field of View for video
- New colorspaces: rgba, bgra, bgr565

Browse the documentation on the left panel for more informations.

Posted by luca on 2013/11/5 11:17:46 (400 reads)

The great thing about having a driver in user space is that you can easily do almost everything with it by integrating it with third-party libraries or frameworks.

Some features I am currently thinking of are optional text overlay and visual recognition in the driver.

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