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UV4L, User space Video4Linux collection

UV4L is a modular collection of Video4Linux2-compliant, cross-platform, user space drivers for real or virtual video input devices (with absolutely no external difference from kernel drivers), and other pluggable back-ends or front-ends:
Additional informations:

Some projects in C++:

A wide collection of personal solutions to the exercises proposed by Bjarne Stroustrup in his well-known book The C++ Programming Language. Click here to browse the source code or here to download the archive.

Open source drivers, also present in the official Linux kernel:

See on-line documentations for a list of features and supported hardware.


Device Debugger (screenshot)

Trademarks are property of their respective owner. The software present on this site has not been funded, sponsored or developed by Winbond, SONiX, Microdia, Etoms, Z-Star, Vimicro, Syntek, Ali, RaspberryPi Foundation.
Posted by webmaster on 2015/11/24 22:36:27 (34 reads)

This is a short DEMO of an unique feature in the UV4L arsenal. I am talking about the upcoming Live Screen/Window + Audio Mirroring from the browser.

Posted by webmaster on 2015/11/21 15:48:27 (40 reads)

The Streaming Server module is now HTTPS! This adds full encryption to the Server front-end. At the moment HTTPS is disabled by default, but can be enabled via command line or simple configuration options. Don't forget to create and use your SSL certificates! Check the manual for more details.

Upgrade now!

Posted by webmaster on 2015/11/17 14:30:19 (45 reads)

Apart from the already supported MJPEG video and Continuous JPEG Still streams, another new possibility has been added to the UV4L Streaming Server. It's now possible to take and download single JPEG snapshots by visiting a simple URL. Snapshots can be optionally delayed and taken concurrently from multiple clients.

The URL syntax is self explanatory, for example: http://server_address:8080/stream/snapshot.jpeg?delay_s=5, where the parameter delay_s represents the delay in seconds before taking the picture.

Upgrade now!

Posted by webmaster on 2015/10/30 21:05:31 (171 reads)

Full-fledged peer-to-peer WebRTC A/V Calls are now possible with UV4L!

You can now have standard, bidirectional real-time Audio/Video streaming sessions from any browser, smartphone or tablet to your Raspberry Pi 2 optionally equipped with microphone, speakers, display (e.g. touchscreen or HDMI) and capture device (e.g. camera module, USB webcam, virtual devices like xscreen or remote MJPEG stream). No browser plug-ins are required!

Two-way audio/video includes Jitsi Meet Web Conferences

There is plenty of options to control and fine-tune the media streaming sessions. For example, it's possible to render both the remote and local captures on the screen connected to the Rpi in independent windows at the same time (refer to the manual pages for more details).

A demo video will be posted soon.

Have fun!

Posted by webmaster on 2015/10/24 22:03:07 (84 reads)

Work is in progress to add support for full two-way video to the WebRTC plug-in for UV4L (now only audio is two-way, while video is one way).

This means it will be possible to establish bidirectional audio/video peer-to-peer calls (with no server in the middle) from a browser on your PC or Android phone, for example, equipped with speakers, camera and microphone to your RaspberryPi equipped with speakers, display (e.g. HDMI or Pi Touschscreen), camera (e.g. official module or USB) and microphone.

Stay tuned!

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