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UV4L, User space Video4Linux collection

UV4L is a modular collection of Video4Linux2-compliant, cross-platform, user space drivers for real or virtual video input and output devices (with absolutely no external difference from kernel drivers), and other pluggable back-ends or front-ends.
It has evolved during the time and now includes a full-featured Streaming Server component providing a set of modern and unique solutions for live audio & video streaming, casting/mirroring and conferencing over the web. Below is a list of the modules:
Additional informations:

Some projects in C++:

A wide collection of personal solutions to the exercises proposed by Bjarne Stroustrup in his well-known book The C++ Programming Language. Click here to browse the source code or here to download the archive.

Open source drivers, also present in the official Linux kernel:

See on-line documentations for a list of features and supported hardware.


Device Debugger (screenshot)

Trademarks are property of their respective owner. The software present on this site has not been funded, sponsored or developed by Winbond, SONiX, Microdia, Etoms, Z-Star, Vimicro, Syntek, Ali, RaspberryPi Foundation.
Posted by webmaster on 2016/2/5 14:53:52 (17 reads)

As a further improvement to the hardware encoded video from/to the Raspberry, also Full HD 1920x1080 will be possible with UV4L. Stay tuned, the feature will be ready soon!

Posted by webmaster on 2016/1/24 1:01:35 (62 reads)

UV4L will support Janus soon. Stay tuned!

Posted by webmaster on 2016/1/17 16:44:06 (281 reads)

As promised, it's now (also) possible to live stream hardware-encoded/decoded H264 HD video at full 30fps from the RaspberryPi 2 to/from any browser(*) over the Web, with imperceptible delay and minimal CPU usage.

This is possible thanks to the WebRTC extension for UV4L. No configuration is required! No magic gstreamer sauce here! You just need a browser to see the video ...well, and speakers if you also want to get an audio stream from the Rpi ;)


Since this is WebRTC technology, experts may already know that it's always possible to build more complex scenarios on the top of UV4L! And nothing forbids us to add Full HD in the future.

A new option for the server has been introduced allowing to specify the minimum bitrate for the adaptive streaming.

(*) At the moment of writing only Firefox supports H264 decoding. Work is in progress for Chrome.

Upgrade now, follow the installation instructions and have fun!

Posted by webmaster on 2015/12/21 3:44:52 (270 reads)

UV4L is going to squeeze the hardware capabilities of the Raspberry Pi until the pips squeak.

As you may know, the video resolution with WebRTC does not reach 720p currently, but the situation is going to change. It will be possible to achieve an higher HD resolution at the usual 30Hz frame rate, with ~no latency and with very little CPU consumption. This improvement will have effect on any video input device supported by UV4L, from the Rpi Camera Module to UVC-based webcams, etc...

This will leave room for new nice-to-have features like live motion detection or audio + video recording in webm directly.

Stay tuned!

Posted by webmaster on 2015/12/20 19:11:10 (186 reads)

The Screen/Audio Mirroring feature is ready for the Raspberry Pi! At the moment it only works on Firefox from version 44 on. Upgrade and enjoy!

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