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Welcome! Here are some of my projects:
UV4L, an User space Video4Linux framework:

UV4L is a simple framework aiming to provide Video4Linux2-compliant transparent, user space drivers (as plugins) for real or virtual video input devices:
Read the documentation for more informations; quickly INSTALL on Ubuntu, on Raspbian or download the packages for Ubuntu separately or a generic archive.

Some projects in C++:

A wide collection of personal solutions to the exercises proposed by Bjarne Stroustrup in his well-known book The C++ Programming Language. Click here to browse the source code or here to download the archive.

Open source drivers, also present in the official Linux kernel:

See on-line documentations for a list of features and supported hardware.


Device Debugger (screenshot)

Trademarks are property of their respective owner. The software present on this site has not been funded, sponsored or developed by Winbond, SONiX, Microdia, Etoms, Z-Star, Vimicro, Syntek, Ali, RaspberryPi Foundation.
Posted by luca on 2014/7/6 20:17:37 (159 reads)

Future extensions of UV4L will be devoted to Real-time Live Streaming. To be more specific: MJPEG/HTTP Web Server and HTML5/H264 via Websockets.

Stay tuned!

Posted by luca on 2014/7/2 0:59:58 (211 reads)

As promised, the Real-Time Object Detection and Tracking for the Rpi Camera Driver is ready! This feature can be turned on and off on-the-fly while streaming.

For now the command line options allow you to pass two cascade classifiers, one used for detection and the other one used for tracking. Default settings are reasonably good for face detection/tracking at 320x240 ~15fps.

Posted by luca on 2014/6/21 17:30:23 (400 reads)

The V4L2 Camera Driver for the RaspberryPi will be supporting Real-time Object Detecton. Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, the today's release introduces a new option known as Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) (see the manual page for more information). Don't forget to update the firmware before updating the driver.

Posted by luca on 2014/6/12 2:37:17 (505 reads)

The long-awaited Text Over Video feature (yes, Video, NOT Preview) for the RaspiberryPi V4L2 Camera Driver is ready. Update or install the driver now and try it!

From now on it will be possible to dinamically draw arbirary text lines onto the video frames at any position with any color, scale and font.

This is a simple demo showing one possible effect!

See the example #9 to know how this works.

Posted by luca on 2014/5/31 18:45:15 (213 reads)

You will be able to dinamically overlay arbitrary text on video frames (not onto the preview display) at any position and with any color. Stay tuned!

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