Immersive Telepresence system

An unique embedded 3D immersive telepresence solution with the following features will be presented in the New Year:

  • optionally two-way, encrypted live data-audio-video (HD or greater, full frame rate) between participants (2 or even more)
  • FPV in a 180° x 180° panorama
  • 3D Stereo image (optional)
  • real-time head tracking, working out-of-the-box with any smartphone (no special software required) inside google-like cardboards or easily adaptable to dedicate hardware like Okulus or OSVR.
  • over Internet (cloud) or LAN
  • does not necessarily require any third-party server infrastructure…
  • …but can be optionally easily made as on-demand service when put in the cloud
  • easy NAT traversal
  • audio-video on-the-fly recording
  • adaptive bitrate streaming to available bandwidth
  • very cheap material

Stay tuned!